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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – As the 2021 growing season begins to wrap up, many farmers are once again taking a hard look at their balance sheets and next year’s operating loan needs. However, with the majority of America’s farmers utilizing rented ground, the need for more accessible operating loans earlier in the season is becoming more common but harder to secure.

“The majority of very large or large farms rent more than half of their acres, making it more difficult for farmers to obtain, from traditional lenders at least, the operating loans needed to maintain or grow their businesses,” said Bill York, CEO, FarmOp Capital. “We’re seeing the gap of underbanked and underserved farmers continue to widen, and we’re ready to help fill that gap by lending in a different way which allows customers to secure larger operating loans for a longer period of time.”

Where traditional lenders focus on farmers’ balance sheets – acreage owned and other assets – FarmOp Capital is more interested in supporting overall farm revenue and profitability – what customers can grow and sell, and how they utilize crop insurance and marketing plans to manage their risk. Put together with loan terms which extend beyond the growing season, FarmOp Capital offers farmers a better way to secure and utilize farm operating credit.

“Right now is the best time for our current customers to renew – or new customers to take a look at how FarmOp Capital operating loans work,” York said. “Early access to cash allows our customers to take advantage of discounted input pricing for the following year. Plus, with loan terms that extend throughout the year, our customers can sell their crops at more advantageous times.”

Offering up to 100 percent of farmers’ loan needs earlier in the year, coupled with farmers’ ability to work with their own crop insurance representatives and marketing partners, and FarmOp Capital’s account and customer service representatives who help organize and pay bills out of their operating loans has been a major benefit for many of FarmOp Capital’s customers.

“Similar to a construction loan, we help farmers keep all their bills in one place which has helped many of our customers streamline things and more easily check items off their ‘To Do’ lists,” York said. “In the end, FarmOp Capital has been a win for young farmers who primarily rent, multigenerational farm families looking to transition and expansion-minded farmers looking to take the next step in growing their farm business.”


About FarmOp Capital

Founded in 2017, FarmOp Capital is a leading provider of innovative working capital solutions to American farmers. The Company’s proprietary, production-based lending approach provides high advance rate operating loans directly to growers. The size, term, and timing of FarmOp Capital loans provides greater marketing flexibility and enhanced purchasing power to an expanding segment of US producers.