2020 CO Farm Show – Beef Day Audio

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56th CO Farm Show Beef Day Audio

Sponsored by 4Rivers Equipment

Tuesday, January 28, 2019…9:00 am – 3:15 pm MT

Events Center Room A


Emcee – Brian Allmer, The BARN

AUDIO to be posted later this week below for each of the following presentations/speakers

“State of Colorado’s Beef Industry” featuring Erin Karney, CCA Industry Advancement Director in place of Terry Kankhauser, CCA Executive Vice-President


“USDA Cattle ID Tags, Traceability, Interstate Livestock Movement and Future Plans” featuring Dr. Keith Roehr, DVM, CDA State Veterinarian


“Meat Substitutes and Current Beef Trends” featuring Todd Inglee, Executive Director, Colorado Beef Council

012820_CFSBeefDay_3_Todd Inglee_42m55s

“Beef Market Outlook” featuring Katelyn McCullock, Director, Senior Ag Economist, Livestock Marketing Information Center


“Total Ranch Analysis for Colorado” featuring Dr Ryan Rhoades, Associate Professor and Beef Extension Specialist at CSU-Ft Collins & Logan Hoffman , CSU Ag Economist


“Best Practices for Finding an Leasing Land” featuring Jeff Tranel, Regional Extension Specialist, Ag & Business Management – Pueblo, CO


“Leasing Opportunities on State Trust Lands” featuring Matt Pollart, North Central District Manager, Colorado State Land Board – Eaton, CO


PANEL DISCUSSION: “Forty Under Forty – Finding Opportunity in the Cattle Industry” Panel Discussion featuring

Moderator Kevin Ochsner, TENDERLEAN BEEF of Kersey

and panelists: Nick Trainor of Watkins, CO; Konnor Dehmlow of Denver, CO; Cole Mertens of New Raymer, CO & Jim Magnuson of Eaton, CO


Audio courtesy of the Colorado Farm Show Beef Committee & provided by The BARN


2019 Colorado Farm Show Beef Day Audio55th CO Farm Show Beef Day Audio

Sponsored by 4Rivers Equipment

Tuesday, January 29, 2019…9:00 am – 3:15pm MT

Events Center Room A

“Ranching for Business”

Emcee – Brian Allmer, The BARN

AUDIO to be posted later this week below for each of the following presentations/speakers

“Colorado Beef Council – Hot Topic Update” featuring Nita Howard, Manager, Compliance/Accounting


“Colorado Brand Board – Hot Topic Update” featuring Chris Whitney, Brand Commissioner, CO Department of Agriculture


“FMCSA Farm & Ag Update” featuring CO State Patrol Trooper Monty Kinder, CSP Motor Carrier Safety Unit


“Livestock Market Update & Outlook” featuring Jim Robb, Director, Senior Economist, Livestock Marketing Information Center


Comments from Ben Berlinger, NRCS-CO Rangeland Specialist


“Adding Value to Beef Production” featuring Hannah Garrett,Diamond Peak Cattle Company of Burns, WY


Comments from Dr Charlie Davis, CSU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories


“Key Performance Indicators – Targets for Cow-Calf Operations” featuring Dave Pratt, CEO, Ranch Management Consultants of Fairfield, CA


Audio courtesy of the Colorado Farm Show Beef Committee & provided by The BARN

LOOK BELOW FOR AUDIO FROM 2016, 2017 & 2018 CO Farm Show & Past Years too

CO Farm Show – BEEF DAY Presentations

Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018  – Events Center Room A


Colorado Agriculture’s Political Stance – Terry Fankhauser, Executive Vice President, Colorado Cattleman’s Association – Arvada, CO, provided a legislative update and talk about the associated implications for Colorado ranchers…


Colorado Livestock Association Today – Bill Hammerich, CEO, Colorado Livestock Association – Greeley, CO covered a variety of regulatory and legislative issues that are priorities to CLA and the livestock industry…


Market Update and Outlook – Trevor Amen, Industry Analyst – Knowledge Exchange Division, CoBank – Greenwood Village, CO, looked into the supply & demand situation that cattle producers are facing. The U.S. beef cattle herd is still in the expansion phase and experiencing downward price pressure. Demand will be critical as the market absorbs increased beef output. Industry profitability will hinge on continued export demand growth.


Marketing for Profit – Brad Jones, Branch Manager, Producers Livestock Marketing Association – Greeley, CO – discussed the importance of slides, weigh-ups, vaccination programs, specialty marketing programs, shipping day, consistency in your herd, and how these all come together to build a reputation herd at marketing time.


Flexible Stocker Strategies – Justin Derner, Research Leader, USDA ARS High Plains Grasslands Research Station – Cheyenne, WY discussed using stocking to match animal demand to forage production is an adaptive management strategy to increase profitability across wet/dry periods. Current research offers new information and tools to inform ranch decision making.


Key Performance Indicators – Targets for Cow-Calf Operations – Stan Bevers, Owner-Ranch Management Consultant, Ranch KPI – Vernon, TX – discussed if profit is a motivation for you as a rancher, then there are financial performance measures that are critical to your operation. These measures are known as Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and are based on production and financial data. KPI’s can be used to evaluate different factors that are crucial to the success of your cow-calf operation…


Remodeling the Cow-Calf Industry – Chip Hines, Author/Retired Rancher – Yuma, CO discussed the current beef production model needs updating to bring the industry into the 21st century. The old model places undue emphasis on individual animal performance. The significant focus must now be placing production and profits on a “per acre” basis. The numbers of animals on a certain size land base is in direct proportion to the profitability of that base. More animals, eating the same amount of forage, is essential for profit…


Future Drivers of Profitability – Rancher Panel Discussion


  • Kevin Ochsner, Host, RFD-TV Cattlemen to Cattlemen – Kersey, CO


  • Lee Leachman, Partner, Leachman Cattle of Colorado – Fort Collins, CO
  • Kevin Miller, Owner, Croissant Red Angus – Briggsdale, CO
  • Cody Peck, Operations Analyst, Padlock Ranch – Ranchester, WY
  • Stan Bevers, Ranch KPI, Owner-Ranch Management Consultant – Vernon, TX
  • Chip Hines, Author/Retired Rancher – Yuma, CO

Area seedstock and commercial producers, along with Stan Bevers & Chip Hines  discussed and fielded questions about things to consider when looking to make your cowherd more efficient and profitable in the future…


All of the audio from BEEF DAY @ the 2018 CO Farm Show is posted above on this page courtesy of the CO Farm Show Beef Day Committee and provided by BARN Media, CO Ag News Network & FarmCast Radio.



brian-allmer-of-the-barn.jpgGreeley, CO – January 24, 2017 – Once again this year, Brian Allmer of The BARN will be the emcee for BEEF DAY @ the 2017 CO Farm Show on January 24th from 9 am – 3:15 pm in Events Center Room A at Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley.

2017 CO Farm Show Beef Day presentations include:

8:55am: WELCOME – Brian Allmer of The BARN & CO Ag News Network


9:00 – 9:10 am: Colorado Cattlemen’s Association Update Erin Karney, Industry Advancement Director, Colorado Cattleman’s Association – Arvada,CO

erin-karney-ccaThe Cattlemen’s Association serves as the principal voice and advocate for Colorado beef production by ensuring a dynamic and profitable industry that promotes growth and opportunity for future generations. Erin will share about the Association’s commitment to their core competencies:Government Affairs, Issue Management,Communication and Outreach,Member Services and Benefits.


9:10 – 9:20 am: Priorities for Colorado Livestock Association Bill Hammerich, CEO – 

bill-hammerich-claBill will cover a variety of issues that are priorities to CLA and Colorado livestock producers,including Rocky Mountain National Park, legislative outlook, animal welfare,nutrient criteria, and member outreach.


9:20 – 9:30 amBeef Check-Off Update Gregory Bloom, Executive Director, Colorado Beef Council

gregory-bloom-executive-director-colorado-beef-councilMeet Greg Bloom, new Executive Director of the Colorado Beef Council and hear an update about the beef check-off program.


9:30 – 10:30 amMarket Outlook: Supply,Demand, Margin, and Leverage Marcus Brix, Research Analyst, CattleFax –

marcus-brix-research-analyst-cattlefaxCattleFax analyst Marcus Brix will discuss at length the supply and demand situation that cattle producers are facing. This topic will cover a discussion on the cattle cycle and how this relates to domestic supplies of cattle and beef, as well as the supply of competing meats having a strong influence on our markets.Other topics covered include:domestic and international demand, leverage across all segments of the industry, and operating in a tight margin environment.


10:30 – 11:30 amBeef Quality Assurance Certification Workshop – Libby Bigler, Colorado Beef Quality Assurance Coordinator, Dept.of Animal Sciences, CSU

Libby Bigler, College of Agricultural Sciences, Colorado State University

Join us in this session to earn your Beef Quality Assurance Certification! The program provides hands-on training and education on BQA guidelines including Cattle Care and Husbandry Practices, Feedstuffs, Feed Additives and Medications, Processing/Treatment and Records and Injectable Animal Health Products. The BQA program is designed to assist cattle producers in setting production standards and establishing systems for data retention and record keeping based on these guidelines.



12:30 – 2:30 pm: Stockmanship and Stewardship Demonstration Curt Pate, BQA Stockmanship Clinician, National Beef Quality Assurance

curt-pate-bqa-stockmanship-clinicianRenowned stockmanship and stewardship expert,Curt Pate, will be conducting a live cattle handling demonstration featuring low-stress cattle handling topics including gathering,sorting, chute-side processing and loading. Pate teachestechniques on how to put the proper pressure on cattle at a different angles and at varying amountsto help move them comfortably and without a negative experience— for the stockman or the livestock.

Only the audio from the classroom portion is available online…


POST DEMO – Q & A w/Curt Pate


2:30 – 3:15 pm: Experiencing the Flavor of Beef—Tasting Demonstration Dale Woerner, Ph.D.,Associate Professor,Dept.of Animal Sciences,Center for Meat Safety and Quality, CSU

dalewoerner-csu-meatsDr.Woerner will conduct a live demonstration of the beef flavor experience with samplesto taste.Flavor differences— from cattle breed differences, carcass grades,aging techniques, and cattle production practices will be highlighted and explained.


ALL of the audio from the presenters was made available courtesy of The Colorado Farm Show Beef Committee and brought to you by The BARN. 

Once again BEEF Day @ the 2017 Coloraod Farm Show is sponsored by:



2016 CO Farm Show Beef Day corner decorations

2016 CO Farm Show Beef Day

January 26th, 2016

Sponsored by the CO Beef Council

2016 CFS - Beef Day Program page



WELCOME – BARN Media’s Brian Allmer & CSU’s Charlie Davis filling in for Robert Farnam – CLICK  FOR AUDIO


2016 CFS Beef Day - CO Ag Commissioner Don Brown

CO Ag Commissioner Don Brown – CLICK FOR AUDIO


2016 CFS Beef Day - Christie Gabel

Zoetis’ Christie Gabel filling in for Dr Del Miles – CLICK FOR AUDIO


2016 CFS Beef Day - Hailey Wilmer

Hailey Wilmer – CLICK FOR AUDIO


2016 CFS Beef Day - Trainor and Woolston

Nick Trainor & WIlliam Woolston – CLICK FOR AUDIO


2016 CFS Beef Day - Jon Wicke



2016 CFS Beef Day - Jim Robb LMIC



2016 CFS Beef Day - Dan Moser

Dan Moser filling in for Tonya Amen – CLICK FOR AUDIO


2016 CFS Beef Day Producer Panel

Producer Panel – CLICK FOR AUDIO


For more information about the 2016 Colorado Farm Show – CLICK HERE


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