National Ag News for April 10, 2023

Ford Keeping AM Radios in Commercial Vehicles

A new report says Ford will keep AM radios in certain vehicles. The company plans to exclude AM radio from “most new and updated vehicles we bring to market” but also says commercial vehicles will continue to have AM radios. A Ford Authority report says, “This group of vehicles will likely consist of vehicles that count toward Ford Pro sales – the automaker’s commercial-focused division.” The report also says it’s not, by any means, a given because Ford could ditch the feature in some or all of those vehicles as well. So far, a total of eight automakers say they will remove AM radio from the dashboards of some of their models, mostly in the fast-growing electric vehicle segment. In a series of letters, none of the eight are signaling any second thoughts despite the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s push about the critical role AM plays in delivering public safety information.

Asia and Africa are the Future of Trade

The best opportunities for increasing agricultural trade in the years ahead will take place in Southeast Asia and Africa. The Hagstrom Report says Foreign Agricultural Service Administrator Daniel Whitley made that observation during a recent speech before the American Association of Port Authorities. “Southeast Asia is the fastest-growing market for America’s products,” Whitley says. “People are moving from low-income to middle-income consumers who eat more fruits and vegetables and patronize restaurants and high-end grocery stores.” He also says Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore already have a “fixation” with the U.S. brand. Whitley says Africa is “visibly shifting before our eyes.” Africa is going from being development recipients to commercial customers. “We need to be in a business relationship and not a developmental relationship with African countries,” he says. “While African countries have traditional ties with the EU, they also want to break some of those ties.”

Sorghum Yield Contest is Now Open

National Sorghum Producers will now begin accepting entries for the 2023 National Sorghum Yield Contest. State and national winners get selected from contestants split into east and west regions for each division, which includes irrigated, dryland no-till, dryland tillage, and one overall winner for food grade. The entry deadline for the contest is November 15. A complete field of 10 or more continuous acres, planted in the sorghum seed variety named on the entry form, will be designated as the contest field. The contestants must harvest and report at least 1.5 contiguous acres. “The competition motivates farmers and seed companies to explore innovative genetics and techniques for enhancing sorghum yields,” says NSP CEO Tim Lust. “Despite the drought of 2022, we saw excellent top-end yields in the contest from growers nationwide.” To find the entry form, 2023 yield contest rules, and more information, interested sorghum producers can go to v

CHS Reports Second-Quarter Earnings

CHS, Inc., released its second-quarter earnings results of $292.3 million in net income compared to $219 million in the second quarter of fiscal year 2022. The second quarter ended on February 28. For the first six months of fiscal year 2023, the company reported net income of $1.1 billion and revenues of $24.1 billion. That compares to net income of $671 million and $21.2 billion in revenues during the first half of fiscal year 2022. The report also says decreased prices for agronomy products and ethanol contributed to lower earnings in the company’s agriculture segment. “Strong global demand for commodities and improved market conditions for refined fuels led to increased earnings for the quarter as well as the first half of the fiscal year,” says Jay Debertin, president and CEO of CHS. “The strength of our diversified portfolio offset margin pressures experienced in our ag segment, particularly wholesale and retail agronomy products.”

No mRNA Vaccines in U.S. Cattle

Social media has been sharing information that mRNA vaccines are getting used in raising the U.S. cattle herd. A National Cattlemen’s Beef Association statement says there are no current mRNA vaccines licensed for use in beef cattle in the United States. “Cattle farmers and ranchers do vaccinate cattle to treat and prevent many diseases,” the statement says, “but presently, none of these vaccines include mRNA technology.” Texas agriculture commissioner Sid Miller says his department has been working towards a fact and science-based assessment of the risks associated with this technology. “Our analysis will include the clinical research and the public policy, economic, and production impact of the different policy prescriptions we may adopt,” Miller says. “It’s a serious issue we are looking into here at TDA.” A January 12 article on the website Truth Press said if Americans consumed meat from a vaccinated animal, the mRNA vaccines then entered their bodies.

Hereford Association Growing Young Leaders

Twenty-one National Junior Hereford Association members were selected to accompany the NJHA Board of Directors at the second Building on Leadership Development Conference in Texas. The board created the BOLD conferences for college-aged junior Hereford members seeking opportunities to expand their leadership skills. BOLD is geared toward college and career-focused junior members. It provides them with a personalized learning experience focused on improving their leadership, providing career opportunities, and cultivating life-long relationships. “From the moment I got there, I was laughing and having fun with my peers,” said Lauren Jones, a BOLD conference attendee. “But I was also challenged to think of what I want my future to look like and how to achieve it.” BOLD is an annual leadership opportunity and is scheduled for April 4-7, 2024. Junior members ages 14-22 looking to expand their leadership skills are invited to attend the 2023 Faces of Leadership Conference scheduled for July. 


By Tucker Allmer - The BARN

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