Broomfield, Colo. — The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) is recruiting qualified applicants for a new position of Deputy Director of the Conservation Division & Climate Resilience Specialist. This position will support the work of the Division and oversee several programs and strategic initiatives related to climate resilience.

The Deputy Director will represent the Department in climate resiliency discussions, lead the development of climate solution strategies at CDA, and engage with agricultural communities across the state for input and feedback to develop policies that are farmer- and rancher-led. 

“CDA is looking for applicants with extensive conservation experience who have a vision for how to meet the challenges of a changing climate while ensuring agriculture remains a driving force for Colorado’s communities,” said Commissioner of Agriculture Kate Greenberg. “Colorado has been a leader in climate smart agriculture and creating farmer- and rancher-led solutions to the emerging issues impacting ag. The Conservation Division Deputy Director & Climate Resilience Specialist position will help grow the Division to help tackle these issues while supporting our farmers, ranchers and other ag businesses.”

The Deputy Director will also serve as the Climate Resilience Specialist and will represent agricultural and department priorities while working with the Governor’s Office, other state agencies and partners; lead in the thoughtful, strategic development of climate solution strategies that advance the state’s goals and advance Colorado agriculture; and help lead the development of a statewide climate preparedness roadmap. 

As Deputy Director of the Conservation Division, this person will support staff in implementing programs that focus on climate resilience and preparedness. This role will also be responsible for conducting public engagement activities throughout Colorado’s agricultural communities and building working relationships with producers, agricultural associations, conservationists, nonprofits, as well as local, federal, state, and tribal agencies and governments. 

The Department is seeking applicants with a strong vision for how Colorado can address climate challenges in agriculture. Applicants should have extensive conservation experience, including familiarity with soil health, renewable energy, drought mitigation, resource stewardship, environmental policy, and/or other climate smart practices. 

This position is advertised in line with the Governor’s executive order focused on skills-based hiring practices that focuses on the knowledge, skills, and abilities specific to the job and aligns the hiring process accordingly. Skills-based hiring reduces potential barriers for applicants and allows for reduced bias in the hiring process by providing a direct description of skills that are unique to the duties assigned to the position with a recognition that the applicant may have developed these skills through education, training, or past experiences. 

Interested candidates can view the position description and apply online at

By Tucker Allmer - The BARN

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