WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — A video featuring Melissa Widhalm, associate director and regional climatologist at the Midwestern Regional Climate Center at Purdue University, has been uploaded to the AP Video Hub. In the video, she explains what the Snowfall Climatology Toolbox is and how it can be used. This video can be found at https://apvideohub.ap.org/detail/NewonlinetooltrackssnowfallacrossUS/ddb15f8a29214740975f358618b92428. All videos in the Campus Insights series are free for download and use by all AP members and can be found at apvideohub.ap.org or by doing a general search on the Associated Press site. AP members may use the video or pull quotes for print articles, broadcasts or podcasts. 


The Snowfall Climatology Toolbox is an online tool that easily lets users access snowfall data from across the United States. Widhalm says that this resource can help people determine how early snow can occur in a given location or determine what year had the snowiest December, along with a variety of other snowfall information. The toolbox accesses high-quality data from the Applied Climate Information System, or ACS. Widhalm explains that ACS is a federally funded national database of weather data that goes back over 100 years in some cases. Anyone with an interest in winter weather can benefit from this tool, but Widhalm believes that this resource will be most helpful for weather forecasters. City planners and homeowners can also use the toolbox to help predict when to expect snow in their location and prepare accordingly.

By Tucker Allmer - The BARN

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