National Ag News for November 16, 2022

USDA Provides Almost $24 Million for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

USDA Chief Scientist Chavonda Jacobs-Young says the agency will invest nearly $24 million across 45 organizations and institutions that teach and train beginning farmers and ranchers. “Investing in the professional development of our nation’s newest farmers and ranchers will help our food and agriculture sectors to flourish from the ground up,” she says. The investments will support a wide range of activities across a number of important topics for new farmers and ranchers, including managing capital, acquiring and managing land, and learning effective business and farming practices. The investment is part of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program. “We recognize that beginning farmers and ranchers have unique needs for education, training, and technical assistance,” says NIFA Acting Director Dr. Dionne Toombs. “This investment will benefit a new generation of beginning farmers and ranchers across the spectrum of American agriculture. For more information, go to

Farm Groups Ask USTR for “Fresh Start” With WTO

USA Rice released a letter to U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai from ag groups asking her for a “fresh start” at the World Trade Organization. “We believe negotiations are at a crossroads, and the current environment is conducive to a fresh start,” the groups say in a letter. “The groups are asking for a forum at the WTO that would facilitate discussion of the traditional core issues as well as emerging trade-related issues like trade liberalization and innovation-friendly regulatory approaches.” They also say if the current WTO structure doesn’t allow for “blank-slate” negotiations, the groups want her to develop alternatives to address these issues. “Finally, a critical element of agricultural trade liberalization will be an effective enforcement mechanism,” they say. “Indefinitely extending the block on appellate body appointments or agreeing to reforms that weaken dispute settlement will be detrimental to America’s agricultural producers and possible discussions surrounding agricultural trade issues.”

Farm Workers to Lobby for Immigration Bill

Over 60 farm worker groups from across America are traveling to Washington this week to urge the Senate to pass the Farm Workforce Modernization Act. The United Farmworkers, the UFW Foundation, and other groups will make the trip to Washington, D.C. to lobby for the bill, which is a compromise between farm and labor leaders and supported by most farm groups. The Fence Post Dot Com says the House passed the bill, but Senate supporters haven’t convinced enough Republicans to support the bill to get the 60 votes needed to avoid a filibuster. Lobbyists for the bill worry that passing it in the next Congress would be close to impossible if Republicans wind up controlling the House. Farm workers from major agricultural states like Arizona, California, Washington, Georgia, and others will be lobbying elected officials. “Providing America’s agricultural workforce with legal status and stability is crucial,” says UFW President Teresa Romero.

Group Wants Seven Billion Gallon Biofuel Law

Clean Fuels America Alliance wants the Environmental Protection Agency to increase the advanced biofuels’ share of the fuel market by one billion gallons a year to reflect the rising interest in renewable diesel production. The recommendations would raise the federal mandate for second-generation biofuels by over 7.6 billion gallons in 2024, which amounts to a 36 percent increase from this year. “We’re seeing the production of renewable diesel coming online,” says Donnell Rehagen, Clean Fuels America CEO. “We believe the EPA has to increase the biomass-based diesel volume by 500 million gallons and the advance biofuels by one billion gallons for each of the next two years.” In an agreement with the biofuel industry, the EPA has a deadline on November 30 to announce the Renewable Fuel Standard for 2023 and possibly for additional years. Plants with up to three billion gallons of capacity will come online in the next three years.

Russia Expected to Extend the Black Sea Grain Deal

Russia will likely extend the United Nations-brokered deal allowing exports of grain and other farm products from Ukraine. Four people tell Bloomberg that the deal expires on November 19 and that Russia will likely allow the deal to renew. Just ahead of the expiration, United Nations’ leadership and Russian officials met on the sidelines of the G20 summit. Reuters says the two sides had a lengthy discussion and talked through all the aspects related to facilitating Russian exports of food and fertilizers, as well as the Black Sea Initiative. The accord helped stave off a global food crisis by allowing food and fertilizer exports from several of Ukraine’s Black Sea ports. Russia wants unhindered access to world markets for its own food and fertilizer exports in return for agreeing to continue the Black Sea export deal. Moscow says it could quit the deal if progress isn’t made on its concerns.

Another Record Land Sale in Iowa

Iowa set another record for farmland sales. Seventy-three acres of high-quality farmland in Sioux County, Iowa, sold for $30,000 per acre at auction on November 11. That’s a total sale worth $2.195 million. That’s just part of a new $30,000-per-acre club in Iowa. A local farmer was the buyer, and the runner-up was also a farmer. A statement from Iowa Appraisal says the company can’t explain these recent price records. The price itself got negotiated in just minutes. “There’s no really good explanation for sudden jumps in these record prices,” the company says. The farm had 72.49 tillable acres with a balance in roads and ditches. Its corn acreage base is 28.19 acres with a yield of 172 bushels an acre, and a soybean base of 38.19 acres with a yield of 56 bushels an acre. A recent auction saw 116 acres of southeast Nebraska farmland sell for $27,400 per acre.


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