India Opening to U.S. Pork

The National Pork Producers applaud the U.S. and Indian government’s announcement that U.S. pork exports are on their way into India, the world’s second-most populated country. “After decades of work, a market that had been closed to U.S. pork is getting opened,” says NPPC President Jen Sorenson. “We look forward to the new access.” India has a population of 1.26 billion people, which means the potential market opportunity is a significant one. U.S. Meat Export Federation President and CEO Dan Halstrom says his group has many industry contacts in India that are excited for the opportunity to bring in U.S. pork. “While the volume going into India right now is small, USMEF sees long-term potential in the retail, processing, and foodservice sectors.” USMEF also sees emerging opportunities in e-commerce. U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai says, “India’s agreement to allow U.S. pork imports is great news and a significant development for American producers and Indian consumers.”


Biden, Vilsack Reassure Farm Bureau Members

President Biden and Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack tried to reassure American Farm Bureau members that the administration has their back. The Hagstrom Report says that, in a short video, the president assured the mostly Republican-leaning members that America needs farmers “three times a day.” Biden also pointed out that farmers deserve affordable inputs and the right to repair their equipment. Secretary Vilsack says that while ag exports have grown, challenges remain. Vilsack says that support for trade among Americans needs to get restored, adding that, “We’re going to enforce the agreements that we have. That’s the first step in rebuilding trust.” Exports to China have grown, but he says the Asian nation is “$16 billion light” under their commitment to making purchases. Vilsack also told the Farm Bureau convention that he was pleased by a USMCA trade panel that concluded Mexico was not living up to the dairy provisions.  


Groups Voice Support for Existing Pesticide Law

CropLife America joined more than 350 organizations engaged with pesticide products in a letter sent to Congress affirming their support for the current pesticide regulatory system. The letter is in response to legislation that would undermine the science-based standards in the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act. “This legislation undermines the work of the EPA’s career scientists in the evaluation of pesticide registration and use,” says Chris Novak, president and CEO of CLA. “The evaluation of each pesticide requires EPA scientists to review hundreds of studies to determine whether a pesticide can get safely used.” The groups point out in the letter that the proposed legislation would jeopardize the availability of pesticide products by imposing an unscientific process that could remove pest-control options from the market. Congress amended FIFRA several times to strengthen the regulatory standard for safety, most recently through the Food Quality Protection Act that added specific protections for infants and children.

NCGA Focusing on Driving Demand in 2022

Exports and animal agriculture make up nearly 70 percent of the annual U.S. corn demand. The National Corn Growers Market Development Action Team has a primary goal of driving demand for America’s corn farmers. “Last fall, we announced the winners of the Consider Corn Challenge, engaged with our animal ag partners on a variety of projects, and worked with trade industry partners to promote the benefits of U.S. Corn,” says Action Team Chair Troy Schneider. “We’re going to build on our wins from 2021 and continue to make strides in this space during 2022 and beyond.” Their priorities this year include increasing demand for U.S. animal agriculture domestic demand and exports; supporting research into corn and corn co-product use within animal feed; Identifying new and supporting existing industrial uses of corn; supporting the development of trade policy that opens markets, removes barriers, and advances international demand for corn and corn products.


Groups Reaffirm Support for Glyphosate Safety

Groups representing farmers, ag retailers, landscaping, and golf course professionals showed strong support for continued access to glyphosate. Their response came after oral arguments in litigation regarding glyphosate registration. Ten groups, including the American Soybean Association, National Corn Growers Association, National Association of Wheat Growers, are parties in the case supporting glyphosate registration. The group reminded the court that nearly every pesticide regulatory body in the world has studied glyphosate and found the herbicide is non-carcinogenic and can get used safely. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that when the product is used according to the label, glyphosate doesn’t pose a risk to human health.  They also note that many important conservation practices get supported by glyphosate, such as reductions in field tillage, which cuts greenhouse gas emissions, conserves water, and improves soil health. It also helps in creating wildlife habitat, and watershed buffers can get enhanced by having access to safe and effective herbicides like glyphosate.

CattleFax Releases a Cow-Calf Survey

CattleFax has released its annual Cow-Calf Survey. The information requested in the survey provides participants and the rest of the industry with valuable data regarding industry benchmarks and trends. Survey participants will get a results summary packet containing useful benchmarking information that will allow them to evaluate their own operation. The information in the packet will include cow-calf profitability, tendencies of high and low return producers, regional data, and other valuable materials are also included. To get a results packet, survey participants have to submit a valid email address. All individual results will be confidential and remain anonymous. Participants who complete the survey and submit a valid email address will also be entered into a drawing to win a $700 CattleFax voucher. The survey can get accessed at, selecting the About tab at the top of the page, and clicking on the 2021 Cow-Calf Survey on the sidebar. The deadline to complete the survey is February 21.

By Brian Allmer - The BARN

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