Virginia to host show and provide educational activities.

Join Angus enthusiasts to celebrate the Eastern Regional Junior Angus Show’s (ERJAS) golden anniversary with engaging social events, competitive shows and exciting trade show vendors. The ERJAS will mark being “50 and Fabulous” at the Olde Dominion Agricultural Complex in Chatham, Virginia June 16 to 19.

Events to take place include an educational learning opportunity, showmanship, phenotype and genotype show, bred and owned show, owned show and social media contests. These events allow exhibitors to further their interest in Angus cattle and give them a unique social experience, said Will Fiske, past NJAA director, past ERJAS exhibitor and current NEOGEN research and development geneticist.

“I am just one of the many people who benefited from Virginia’s tradition of hosting the Eastern Regional Junior Angus Show,” said Fiske. “As a youth, the ERJAS and events put on by NJAA opened my eyes to agriculture outside of Virginia, cultivating my interest in the cattle business and exposing me to a large network of opportunities I previously had only seen in a magazine. Those were the kind of opportunities that eventually led to not only my current career, but friends that I now regard as family.”

Not only will the show foster exhibitor interactions, but it will expand their knowledge of the agriculture industry and develop key leadership skills, said Matt Lohr, former Virginia commissioner of agriculture.

“Opportunities such as the Eastern Regional Junior Angus Show for youth with an interest in agriculture and more specifically beef cattle, develops the next generation of agriculturalists and leaders,” said Lohr. “An event such as this combines competition, education, networking and leadership opportunities for those of all ages, youth and adults. In today’s world, the ability to have all of these components in one location is few and far in between.”

The show provides attendees with the chance to create lasting connections which will continue well after completing their show career, said Fiske.

“The ERJAS is much more than a livestock show,” said Fiske. “It opens doors for youth as well as their families to make mutual connections across all segments of agriculture and all over the country. I’d encourage everyone to make plans to attend. Give yourself the chance to see what the buzz is all about ­– experience the strong sense of community, take pride in tomorrow’s leaders and appreciate the high caliber Angus cattle.”

       –   Written by Briley Richard, Angus Communications 

By Brian Allmer - The BARN

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