Released: Nov. 18, 2021  

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Video: Tips for cattle producers to best utilize forage and feed resources  

In this video, K-State Research and Extension beef cattle specialist Justin Waggoner explains how producers can use the information from a forage analysis to most effectively feed cattle through the fall and winter.  

“One of the rules of thumb that I share with producers is 7-9-11,” Waggoner said. “Those numbers represent the dietary protein requirements of cows as they advance from the post-weaning stages through 30 to 40 days post-calving, and into the early stages of lactation.”  

Waggoner said producers should provide 7% crude protein to cows during the post-weaning period; 9% into the second and third stages of gestation; and 11% to meet the cow’s requirements 30-60 days post-calving.  

Waggoner said using that as a guideline, producers will know if they need additional forage resources for the colder months, and be able to maximize the forages they have on hand.  

In a companion video, Waggoner explains the data that producers should ask for when having a forage analysis done, which will help nutritionists formulate appropriate rations.  

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