In the summer of 2021, the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance staff and students finally gathered in Mancos, CO at Laughing Wolf Farm to enjoy our first in-person Seed and Grain education events since the start of the pandemic. Traditionally, all of our education is land-based, however, we made a quick pivot to online education because the need for seed-saving education was present and we were eager to stay connected to the Alliance. 

If you’re a seed saver, you understand how seed saving practices offer a connection to the natural world and ancestral spirits, and how essential it is to have community support during seed harvest. We must remember we have been intertwined with seeds since the dawn of agriculture. Seed and Grain School in a Day connects groups of people together for one reason – to honor the power of the seeds.

During the events, we traded stories and shared food, laughter, and lots of seeds…a much-needed recipe after a year of distanced connection. Hoping to continue this recipe into 2022, we value your contribution to the organization so we can continue sharing the knowledge of seed saving. 

We plan to continue educating and inspiring people to realize the power of saving seeds. By donating today, you help us fulfill this important mission. Thank you for sharing our passion for seed-saving education.

By Brian Allmer - The BARN

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