Kansas Soybean Commissioners are gearing up to make important decisions at their Dec. 2-4 meeting. The board convenes at the International Grains Program Institute in Manhattan to conduct its business, which includes deliberating funding proposals for fiscal year 2023.

A total of 58 funding requests were submitted for consideration. A virtual meeting of the commissioners is scheduled for Nov. 11 to review and select proposals to be heard in December. Proposers who gain preliminary approval from the commissioners will make formal presentations in Manhattan or via teleconferencing. Each day’s meeting will begin at 8 a.m. Project proposal presentations are slated for the first two days of the meeting. The third day is reserved for discussion and final decisions.

The soybean checkoff returns value to farmers through a number of project areas, including research that improves field management practices and initiatives that increase demand for soybeans.

Commissioners also will discuss current projects, market-development activities, educational programs and administrative items. To suggest additional topics for deliberation or to obtain a complete agenda or instructions for calling into the meeting, contact KSC Administrator Kaleb Little at little@kansassoybeans.org or call the office at 877-KS-SOYBEAN (877-577-6923).

About Kansas Soybean

The Kansas Soybean Commission, established in 1977, includes nine volunteer farmer-commissioners who are elected by their peers. They oversee investments of the legislated “soybean checkoff” assessment in research, consumer information, market development, industry relations and farmer outreach to improve the profit opportunities for all Kansas soybean farmers.