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    Low Risk, Low-Cost Grazing
    Online, On-Demand Advanced Grazing Course

Begins October 25, 2021 – work at your own pace!

Because changing grazing management from traditional to more regenerative practices is perceived as risky and expensive, this course puts forward techniques and plans to lower the cost and risk of starting out with Holistic Planned Grazing. Feedback on your completed assignments from HMI Certified Educator and livestock grazing expert Ralph Tate will be available to you during the 6-week course, which includes these topics:

Establishing your grazing priorities – a case for low-cost, low-risk ranching
The importance of ecosystem health and key monitoring to ensure results (land, animals, humans, finances)
Identifying risks and how to manage, monitor, and correct deviations from the plan
Steps to accelerate your learning with certainty and confidence
Determining optimal plant recovery times for your land
Identifying, managing, and monitoring key indicators – animal production, ecosystem function, and quality of life
Financial considerations and decisions for healthy profits
Considering risk, stress, and quality of life in production decisions
Takeaway actions for you to implement on your ranch

Here’s what participants at the Low Risk, Low Cost Grazing Workshop at the 3R Ranch had to say:

“Wonderful! Comprehensive yet concise course. I’m excited to have actionable steps to take and implement today.”
“Very good. Wayne is an excellent facilitator.”
“Excellent blend of lecture, discussion, and practical exercises. This course provided me with resources to be a better steward of the land and our animals.”
“Wayne was extremely knowledgeable and very approachable.”
“Thanks for a very educational and enjoyable workshop. I look forward to participating in more workshops and mentor opportunities.”
“Exceeded expectations. Gave me methods to take home and use to plan, monitor, evaluate, and correct as needed.”
“I loved the class. Every time I take an HMI class, I learn such valuable, practical information that I can immediately apply.”

85% of attendees felt the workshop was excellent and 95% would recommend it to others
100% indicated a significant increase in their ability to run trials to learn about ecosystem function on their land
95% reported learning around animal production targets
95% reported learning on how to monitor and correct management decisions

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