ICYMI: CO Governor Polis Applauds President Biden’s Clean Car Announcement

Colorado was the first state in over a decade to adopt Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) regulations, and the first-ever to do so with support from most automakers

DENVER – Governor Jared Polis and cabinet officials released a statement following an announcement from the Biden Administration around electric vehicles, smart fuel efficiency, and emission standards. 

“I thank President Biden for embracing the rapid market transition to electric vehicles and am pleased to see American car companies are on board. As Governor I have taken bold action to adopt a zero-emissions vehicle standard, which we did in 2019 with support of 99% of car manufacturers, and we continue to take bold steps to protect our air and our Colorado way of life,” said Governor Polis. “I recently signed a bipartisan transportation and infrastructure package that speeds up the transition to electric vehicles while fixing our roads. Both the clean car standards and additional federal funding to Colorado through the American Jobs Plan, and the bipartisan infrastructure bill will help Colorado transition to electric vehicles and reach 100% renewable energy by 2040.”

Colorado is at the forefront of innovation in transportation with projects ranging from the installation of fast-charging stations across the state to investments in the revitalization of main streets. 

“I’m pleased to see American car manufacturers standing with President Biden and sending a strong message about the need to electrify. Transportation is the number one source of greenhouse gas pollution, and electrifying cars and light trucks as quickly as possible is one of the most efficient steps we can take to fight climate change in the transportation sector.  We are proud of the work we are doing in Colorado to invest in electrification, and advance a range of complementary policies including the innovative clean transportation funding package that Governor Polis signed this year. We hope that today’s announcements, when finalized, accelerate the availability of more clean car choices for Coloradans,” said Shoshana Lew, Executive Director, Colorado Department of Transportation.

Governor Polis continues to urge the U.S. Senate to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill. 

“The Colorado Energy Office is proud of the work that has been done at the state and local level, but we know the air we breathe doesn’t recognize borders,” said Will Toor, Executive Director, Colorado Energy Office. “Protecting our climate and cleaning our air requires a rapid shift to electric vehicles. We are delighted to see today’s progress and the commitment to another rulemaking to set standards through 2030 and beyond. We look forward to that next round of vehicle standards-setting us on a pathway towards 100% EVs.”

In 2019, Colorado became the first state in over a decade to adopt Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) regulations, and the first-ever to do so with support from virtually all automakers.  


By Tucker Allmer - The BARN

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