Colorado Governor Polis Signs Bills to Address Climate Change & Protect Clean Air 

DENVER  — Governor Jared Polis signed 26 bills into law in Denver and Boulder to boost Colorado’s economy, address climate change, and protect clean air. 

Governor Polis signed the following bills during signing ceremonies:

  • HB21-1015 Security Protections Criminal Justice Personnel – Representatives T. Carver, K. Tipper, Senators P. Lundeen,  J. Ginal 
  • HB21-1142 Eyewitness Identification Showup Regulations – Representative J. Bacon, Senator J. Gonzales 
  • HB21-1317 Regulating Marijuana Concentrates– Representatives A. Garnett & Y. Caraveo, Senator C. Hansen, P. Lundeen
  • SB21-094 Sunset Continue State Board Of Pharmacy – Representative D. Roberts, D. Ortiz, Senators J. Ginal, F. Winter 
  • SB21-148 Creation Of Financial Empowerment Office – Representatives D. Esgar, K. Tipper, Senators J. Gonzales, C. Kolker
  • SB21-289 Revenue Loss Restoration Cash Fund– Representative  L. Herod, S. Bird, Senators D. Moreno, B. Rankin 
  • SB21-243 Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Appropriation Public Health Infrastructure – Representative J. McCluskie, Senator D. Moreno 
  • HB-1286 Energy Performance For Buildings – Representatives C. Kipp, A. Valdez Senators K. Priola, B. Pettersen 
  • HB21-1284 Limit Fee Install Active Solar Energy System– Representatives A. Valdez. K. Van Winkle, Senators C. Hansen,  K. Priola 
  • SB21-264 Adopt Programs Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Utilities – Representatives A. Valdez, T. Bernett, Senator C. Hansen 
  • SB21-072 Public Utilities Commission Modernize Electric Transmission Infrastructure – Representatives A. Valdez,  M. Catlin, Senators C. Hansen, D. Coram 
  • HB21-1238 Public Utilities Commission Modernize Gas Utility Demand-side Management Standards– Representative T. Bernett, Senator C. Hansen
  • HB21-1260 General Fund Transfer Implement State Water Plan – Representatives A. Garnett, M. Catlin, Senators K. Donovan, C. Simpson  
  • HB21-1242 Create Agricultural Drought And Climate Resilience Office – Representative B. McLachlan, Senator  K. Donovan 
  • SB21-189 Colorado Water Conservation Board Construction Fund Project– Senator K. Donovan, Representatives M. Catlin, K. McCormick 
  • HB21-1189 Regulate Air Toxics – Representatives A. Valdez, A. Benavidez, Senators J. Gonzales,  D. Moreno
  • HB21-1248 Colorado Children’s Trust Fund Act – Representatives J. Amabile, T. Story, Senator D. Hisey 
  • HB21-1323 Special Olympics License Plate – Representatives L. Cutter,  J. Amabile, Senators S. Fenberg, B. Rankin

The Governor signed the following bills administratively:

  • SB21-232 Displaced Workers Grant– Representatives C. Kipp, S. Bird, Senators R. Zenzinger, B. Kirkmeyer 
  • HB21-1261 Extend Beetle Kill Wood Products Sales Tax Exemption – Representatives M. Catlin, L. Cutter, Senators D. Coram, J. Ginal 
  • HB21-1316 Conform The Term Lease Purchase To Accounting Standards – Representatives A. Pico, D. Valdez, Senators B. Kirkmeyer, D. Moreno
  • HB21-1272 Supporting The Child Protection Ombudsman – Representatives L. Cutter,  M. Bradfield, Senator J. Danielson
  • SB21-253 Women Veterans With Disabilities License Plate – Representatives T. Carver,  D. Michaelson Jenet, Senators R. Zenzinger,  J. Danielson 
  • HB21-1128 Hospice And Palliative Care License Plate– Representative D. Michaelson Jenet, Senators C. Hansen, F. Winter
  • HB21-1064 Update Processes Juvenile Sex Offender Registry– Representatives A. Benavidez, J. Amabile, Senator R. Rodriguez 
  • HB21-1211 Regulation Of Restrictive Housing In Jails – Representative J. Amabile, Senator P. Lee 


By Tucker Allmer - The BARN

Tucker Allmer & the BARN are members of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB), the Colorado FFA Foundation, the Colorado 4H Foundation, the Colorado Farm Show Marketing Committee, 1867 Club Board Member, Denver Ag & Livestock Club Member, the Weld County Fair Board, the Briggsdale FFA Advisory Council, Briggsdale 4H Club Beef Leader & Founder / Coordinator of the Briggsdale Classic Open Jackpot Show.

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