Attendees of the SGBI Annual Meeting/Celebrating Santas Field Day gather at Wendt Ranches, Bay City, Texas, before the beginning of the Field Day activities. Photo credit: Darren Richmond

Santa Gertrudis Breeders International Hosts 2021 Annual Meeting and Field Day

KINSGVILLE, Texas – Santa Gertrudis Breeders International (SGBI) recently hosted its 2021 Annual Meeting. The three-day event took place in Texas and included two sales – Briggs Ranches’ Super American Sale and the Mid-Coast International Super Sale – and a field day at Wendt Ranches complete with a judging contest and Cattlemen’s Panel. The 70th Annual Meeting of the long-time breed association concluded with the Annual Meeting and President’s Dinner.

“The annual meeting was a great time for the SGBI family to get together again,” said Webb Fields, SGBI executive director. “We had a wonderful time celebrating our phenomenal breed and outstanding members.”

The Cattlemen’s Panel hosted at the “Celebrating Santas” Field Day included (left to right) Gene Kubecka, Wendt Ranches; Donnell Brown, R.A. Brown Ranch; Mike Arnold, Arnold Land and Cattle; and Ky Pohler, Ph.D., Texas A&M University. The panel was moderated by Santa Gertrudis Breeders International Executive Director Webb Fields (right).

Cattlemen’s Panel

One of the highlights of this year’s event was the “Celebrating Santas” Field Day hosted by Wendt Ranches, Bay City, Texas. The highlight of the field day was the Cattlemen’s Panel.

“It is always good to hear directly from industry leaders, and that is exactly what we were able to do from the panel,” Fields said.

The panel of speakers included Donnell Brown, R.A. Brown Ranch, Throckmorton, Texas; Ky Pohler, Ph.D., Texas A&M University Animal Science Department; Mike Arnold, Arnold Land and Cattle, Columbus, Texas; and Gene Kubecka, Wendt Ranches, Bay City, Texas. The industry leaders discussed how the Santa Gertrudis breed is currently positioned within the cattle industry and how Santa Gertrudis seedstock producers can better serve commercial cattlemen.

“The Santa Gertrudis breed, this day in time, is absolutely in the best position that they’ve ever been in because it far exceeds any other breed in the endless possibilities for a crossbreeding program for commercial cattle people,” Arnold stated.

“Focus must remain on what the commercial industry desires with the end consumer in mind, and those were the types of messages that were passed along with some additional information to help better manage individual herds,” Fields said.

Other Annual Meeting Highlights

SGBI members from across the country traveled to Texas for the annual meeting. The event concluded with the Annual Meeting and President’s Dinner, where members conducted association business and were recognized for their successes over the past year.

SGBI President Nancy Wunderlich presented the President’s Award to Debbie Townsend for her service and dedication to the association.

SGBI members recognized for top registrations and recordations for Santa Gertrudis cattle were Wiley Ranches, Red Doc Farm, S&K Farms, Briggs Ranches, Quail Valley Farms, Hiss Family Farm, King Ranch Inc., and Salacoa Valley Farms.

In addition, the association recognized show award winners who received the most points in Santa Gertrudis shows during the 2020-2021 show season. The winners of the 15 categories received belt buckles for their accomplishments. Those in attendance to receive their High Point Show Awards included Darren Richmond, Arlin Taylor, Jamie Daniel, Heather Blewett, Keaton Bush, Laura Zibilski, Darrell Pitchford, Bill Stroman, Blake Walker, Retha Tinney, Demi Harrington, Colby Threet, Hannah Threet and David Alderson.

The 2021-2022 SGBI Board of Directors was announced at the Annual Meeting. Back row, left to right, are Erik Wiley, Gene Kubecka, Tony Creech, Suzanne Fulton, Trai Stegall, Amber Robertson and Webb Fields. Front row, left to right, are Cody Mattingly, Arlin Taylor, Alicia Sanchez and Nancy Wunderlich. Not pictured are Tylor Braden, Rafael Miranda, Kathryn Hefte, Ricky Cleveland, Nolan Taylor, Michael Seay, Richard Hood and Craig Lopossa.

The 2021-2022 SGBI Board was also announced during the Annual Meeting. Board members include Erik Wiley, Gene Kubecka, Tony Creech, Suzanne Fulton, Trai Stegall, Amber Robertson, Cody Mattingly, Arlin Taylor, Alicia Sanchez, Nancy Wunderlich, Tylor Braden, Rafael Miranda, Kathryn Hefte, Ricky Cleveland, Nolan Taylor, Michael Seay, Richard Hood and Craig Lopossa.

Retiring SGBI Board members Debbie Townsend, David Alderson and Jamie Daniel were recognized for their years of service to the SGBI Board and members.

“I am very excited about where we currently are as a breed and the direction we are currently headed,” Fields said. “SGBI is full of great members, a board of leaders and an association with great cattle to get behind.

Santa Gertrudis Breeders International provides progressive leadership, services, programs and technology to promote and broaden the long-term profitability of Santa Gertrudis influence within the beef industry by being member driven and consumer focused.

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