CLA: Colorado’s State Ag Organizations Unite Against Proposition #16

On Wednesday, March 17th, the Colorado Title Setting Board approved the following title for Initiative #16 Protect Animals from Unnecessary Suffering and Exploitation (PAUSE):

“Shall there be a change to the Colorado Revised Statutes concerning expanding prohibitions against cruelty to animals, and, in connection therewith, expanding the definition of “livestock” to include fish; expanding the definition of “sexual act with an animal” to include intrusion or penetration into an animal’s anus or genitals with an object or part of a person’s body and allowing an exception only for care to improve the animal’s health and eliminating the existing exception for animal husbandry practices; defining the “natural lifespan” for certain species of livestock and providing that slaughtering those animals is not animal cruelty if done according to acceptable animal husbandry practices after the animal has lived 1/4 of the natural lifespan; removing several exceptions to the animal cruelty statutes, including exceptions for animal husbandry; and providing that, in case of a conflict, the cruelty to animals statutes supersede statutes concerning animal care?”

The three page ballot initiative, submitted to the Secretary of State by proponents Alexander Sage of Broomfield, and Brent Johannes of Boulder, would criminalize some actions that are currently accepted animal husbandry practices and could have far reaching impacts on animal agriculture.

State livestock ag organizations are working together to submit the necessary documentation in opposition of the initiative.

View the full text of the initiative here.


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CLA’s Organization Overview

Colorado Livestock Association was formed in 1998 through a restructuring of the then 43-year-old Colorado Cattle Feeders Association.

The new name and structure was designed to better reflect the membership of the association. CLA members are cattle & sheep feeders, cow/calf producers, dairy farmers, swine operations, & agribusiness partners.

In 1955, what started as a group of cattle feeders working to eradicate a disease (red nose), has grown into a multispecies organization; working to strengthen & unite animal agriculture in Colorado for future generations.

With its headquarters located in Greeley, CLA advocates on behalf of its members in the regulatory & legislative arenas in Colorado.

CLA’s Advocacy,  Governance & Outreach

From testifying at the capitol to participating in rulemaking hearings at the Department of Health, CLA is your boots on the ground partner in addressing regulatory & legislative issues.

As a group of diversified protein producers, we may not always agree on the details of every message, but we all understand that a message coming from our collective membership is much more effective than from each of us individually.

Learn more about the CLA and become a member today at

By Brian Allmer - The BARN

Brian Allmer & the BARN are members of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB), the Colorado FFA Foundation, the Colorado 4H Foundation, the Colorado Farm Show Marketing Committee, 1867 Club Board Member, Denver Ag & Livestock Club Member, the Weld County Fair Board, the Briggsdale FFA Advisory Council, Briggsdale 4H Club Beef Leader & Founder / Coordinator of the Briggsdale Classic Open Jackpot Show.