Inside The BARN with Callie Hendrickson, Executive Director, White River & Douglas Creek Conservation Districts & CFB Board Member

ACTION ALERT: Time is of the essenceColorado Wolf Introduction Process Needs YOUR Input as Public Comments are due by Friday, January 8, 2021!

The BARN – Briggsdale, CO – January 7, 2021 – With Proposition 114 narrowly passing in November, you may be asking “how can I make a difference at this point? And why now? Because the Colorado Parks and Wildlife are looking to “FASTTRACK” the wolf re-introduction process. Joining the Colorado Ag News Network and FarmCast Radio to discuss the importance of submitting YOUR comments before January 8th to the CPW is Callie Hendrickson, Executive Director, White River & Douglas Creek Conservation Districts and also Colorado Farm Bureau Board Member




Colorado Wolf Introduction Process Needs YOUR Input

NOW is your opportunity to help hold the State and the Wildlife Commission accountable to following through on the actual language of the ballot initiative. Per the ballot initiative, the Wildlife Commission is required to, “HOLD STATEWIDE HEARINGS TO ACQUIRE INFORMATION TO BE CONSIDERED IN DEVELOPING SUCH PLAN, INCLUDING SCIENTIFIC, ECONOMIC, AND SOCIAL CONSIDERATIONS PERTAINING TO SUCH RESTORATION.”

However, there is an effort to fast track the introduction of wolves and it is critical that you speak up, speak up loudly, and speak up often.  Decision makers need to hear from those most impacted by the introduction of wolves on the western slope. 

Every person in every Colorado county has the opportunity to have their say, especially those effected by wolf re-introduction into the state. 

Here is your first important opportunity/responsibility! 

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Commission will be meeting on January 13 & 14.  You can send written comments and/or provide public comment during the virtual meeting.  You are encouraged to request the Commission and State remain true to the process spelled out in the ballot initiative that will ensure the Western Slope citizens are heard. 

It is critical that they listen to those that will be most impacted and the only way to do that is to have hearings in rural Colorado, not just zoom meetings or negotiations by a few “stakeholders”.  The Commission needs to come to our community and hear from our people.

Here’s multiple resources to make getting involved much easier:  

  1. Read The ballot initiative – read it in its entirety which is only two pages
  2. CPW leadership and Commission contacts – yes their individual emails are included on this page.  If you have time, it is best to send it to their individual emails but if not, you can send your comments to the which will get to all Commission members in a notebook (as I understand it).
  3. Commission meeting information – see this page to learn how to provide written comments (due Friday January 8th at noon)
  4. A link to “find my legislator” will help you send your comments and/or request to your legislators.
  • Click HERE to watch the Wildlife Commission Meeting
  • Last but not least, see the attached draft letter that you may use to develop your own letter if you would like.
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BARN Media OnAir & OnLine 24/7/365
01-06-21 Inside The BARN with Callie Hendrickson, Executive Director, White River & Douglas Creek Conservation Districts & CFB Board Member

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