American Agri-Women applaud the Department of Interior for Endangered Species Review Policy

Colchester, Vt. (AgPR) October 29, 2020  —  American Agri-Women (AAW), President, Karolyn Zurn was present at the announcement of the final ruling by the Department of Interior (DOI) to delist the gray wolf from the list of endangered species. The event was held at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Center outside of Minneapolis MN and officiated by DOI Secretary Bernhardt.

The gray wolf was listed and began receiving protections under the Endangered Species Act in 1973. It is widely acknowledged that the gray wolf population had recovered years ago, under both statutory requirements for species recovery as well as from the standpoint of long-term ecological sustainability.

By delisting the gray wolf from federal guidelines, the future responsibility will be held by the states. Gray wolf management will be better off under the guidance of individual states as they are better equipped when watching environmental concerns surrounding the wolf habitat.

AAW supports state and local control for the management of all species of predators, such as the gray wolf. The protections put in place for the gray wolf should include protection for agriculture as well. State and locally kept records showing issues that arise for humans and cause harm to the livelihood of farmers and ranchers as the gray wolf preys on livestock including cattle.

As American Agri-Women we #STANDUPSPEAKOUT4AG and are an ongoing “Voice for Truth About Agriculture.”

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By Brian Allmer - The BARN

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