Inside The BARN with The Western Way’s Colorado Director & Former CO Senator Greg Brophy…

The BARN, Briggsdale, CO – August 5, 2020 – On July 28th, The Western Way, in partnership with Action 22 and PRO 15, released an economic impact study titled, “The Economic Benefits of Colorado’s Eastern Plains Renewable Energy Industry”, which was conducted by Development Research Partners and analyzed rural, utility scale renewable energy projects constructed in 15 eastern Colorado counties.  Keep in mind, these counties make up over 95% of the state’s renewable energy capacity.  That report analyzed 40 projects built in Colorado (7 under current development or construction slated for completion by 2024) which result in significant economic benefits to rural Colorado.

With that economic impact study in mind…joining the Colorado Ag News Network & FarmCast Radio is the Colorado Director of The Western Way, and former Colorado Representative and Senator Greg Brophy…first off, Greg…welcome back inside The BARN…


Link to Report Website
Link to Executive Summary
Link to Full Report

The Western Way is a non-profit organization focused on fiscal conservative, market-competitive solutions to environmental and conservation challenges facing our country.


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08-05-20 Inside The BARN with The Western Way's Colorado Director & Former CO Senator Greg Brophy...

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