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CO 4-H & CO FFA Swine Exhibitors are Invited to Participate in the 1st-Ever Virtual Prospect Pig Jackpot Show on April 12th!

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS AND GUIDELINES:To enter, upload a video of you and your pig(s) per the instructions outlined below. Pay to the enter the jackpot through PayPal. All classes will be judged as “crossbred” classes according to their current approximate weight. Weight assignments are on the honor system and at your “best estimation.” If the judge of your class deems that your pig is in the wrong weight assignment, you will be allowed to reassign to a different class or withdraw your entry. If any classes get too large in number, weight ranges will be further divided up at the discretion of the judge and/or administrators. Anyone who has not paid their entry fee will have their video deleted before judging of classes will commence. The jackpot will pay out 50% of all proceeds to the top 1st and 2nd place pigs in each weight class and Showmanship Division. There will not be an over-all Champion class, only 1st and 2nd places determined per weight class. Judging will be done by the CSU Livestock Judging Team and will commence on Monday, April 13th. Class winners will be announced on the Home Page (by weight division) and reasons will be given for each class. Proceeds will be donated to the CSU Livestock Judging Team Program for their contribution in judging the classes. Jackpot payout will be coordinated through PayPal. In all other matters, we will follow the Colorado 4H Rule Book. This is open to Colorado 4H and FFA youth only! Cloverbuds (younger siblings and 4H youth who are at least 5 years old by Dec. 31st, 2019) are encouraged to participate as well. NO ADULTS can enter a class. All videos and payments need to be made by Sunday April 12th at midnight.

ATTIRE – Show attire is not required. However, all clothing should meet the Colorado 4H Dress Code, it should be worn within the bounds of decency and good taste as appropriate for 4-H events and activities. Remember that your video will be viewed publicly.

VIDEOS – Start the video by introducing yourself, state your name, age and county. Then, walk your pigs in a “square pattern” per the attached sketch (see below in comments). Videos should be clear and as free of background talking and noise as possible. Make sure your lighting is good (not in the dark) and the pigs can clearly be seen on the video. Show your pig as if you were in the ring with the judge and the camera is at the judge’s position. CAMERA: Hold the camera at eye-height while standing, do not squat or get close to the ground. Peer down like a judge would in the show ring. Make sure the judge gets to see all angles of the pig (walking toward them, walking away, and profile of each of each side). Make sure the youth makes their introduction at the start of each video submitted and their face can clearly be seen. For showmanship videos, the judge should have full view of the youth showing and their pig throughout the entire video. Use the same square pattern for showmanship classes. Videos need to be trimmed to 2 minutes in length max. A separate video should be made for each individual pig. You can use the same video for your pig weight class and showmanship, but be sure to enter/upload your video in each class on the Home Page.

UPLOADING/ENTERING CLASSES – Upload your videos on the Home Page under the weight class designation you think your pig falls under. We realize that not all 4H/FFA families have access to a scale, so make your best guess on your pig’s current weight. There will be some gray area here and we will do our best to make sure all pigs seem “uniform” and appropriate for their class. Upload a separate video for each individual pig. Upload in the comments along with the youth’s name, the name of the County that you would normally show in through your 4-H and FFA program, and the weight you believe your pig to be. This is closed to Colorado Youth only. Obviously, many young students will need to post their video through their parent’s account and that is understood. REMEMBER: There will not be an over-all Champion division or class, only 1st and 2nd places determined per weight class. THIS IS FOR FUN!!!

SHOWMANSHIP – If you would like to enter showmanship, please pay an extra $5 fee and enter in your age division as follows: Cloverbuds Ages 5 to 7, Junior Ages 8 to 10, Intermediate Ages 11 to 13, and Senior Ages 14 to 18. These dates are by Dec. 31st of 2019 per 4H rules. NO ADULTS ALLOWED. 100% of the Showmanship Jackpot will be paid out to 1st and 2nd place of the each age division.

PAYMENTS – Pay your entry fees through Paypal. $15 per pig + $5 additional if you want to enter showmanship. Anyone who has not paid their entry fee by the deadline of Sunday April 12th at midnight will be disqualified and their video will be deleted. Jackpot payouts will be submitted back through your PayPal account. When you go to PayPal to make your payment, be sure to indicate which youth participant(s) you are paying for, number of pigs entered and their showmanship class(es). Jackpot winnings will be paid back to your PayPal account.

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TOLERANCE – Absolutely NO critiquing, bullying, or other negative comments will be allowed. Anyone who cannot adhere to that will be removed from the group and disqualified from showing their pigs. This is for Colorado 4H and FFA YOUTH ONLY! This is entirely for FUN and interaction with your project pigs. The Colorado 4H Rule Book will be our default “guideline” where this outline is otherwise deficient.

HAVE FUN and start making your videos! All videos and payments need to be made by Sunday April 12th at midnight. Judging will commence on Monday, April 13th. Class winners will be announced on the Home Page and Jackpot payout will be coordinated through PayPal.

By Brian Allmer - The BARN

Brian Allmer & the BARN are members of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB), the Colorado FFA Foundation, the Colorado 4H Foundation, the Colorado Farm Show Marketing Committee, 1867 Club Board Member, Denver Ag & Livestock Club Member, the Weld County Fair Board, the Briggsdale FFA Advisory Council, Briggsdale 4H Club Beef Leader & Founder / Coordinator of the Briggsdale Classic Open Jackpot Show.