Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition: Colorado Parks & Wildlife Confirms More Wolves Already Roaming into Colorado

“The forced introduction of non-native gray wolves will be like 
throwing gas on a campfire”

Craig, Colorado – Today, the Craig Daily Press reported that Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) has confirmed the presence of a wolf pack in Northwest Colorado.

This news is in direct contradiction to pro-wolf groups’ claims that wolves are non-existent in Colorado.

CPW confirmed the presence of a wolf pack yesterday, the same day that the Colorado Secretary of State announced that an initiative to artificially introduce more wolves into Colorado will be on the 2020 ballot. The presence of the wolf pack was confirmed at the site of a bull elk kill in Game Unit 201. CPW now believes there is a pack of six wolves working within the game unit. This confirmation is in addition to another wolf sighting near Rocky Mountain National Park last year.

“The out of state radical environmental groups pushing forced wolf introduction into Colorado have falsely claimed that there are no wolves present in Colorado. It’s just another false narrative to deceive the citizens of Colorado. The news from CPW today implodes their propaganda. This is another one of their baseless and untruthful claims that pro-wolf radicals are known for,” said Denny Behrens, co-Chairman of the Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife has already studied the issue of wolves in Colorado and, dating back to 2016, has been opposed to forced wolf introduction in our state.  Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition has asked CPW officials to test the recovered wolf scat for Hydatid Disease (aka Gray Wolf Disease) to protect humans, pets, and wildlife from this deadly parasite that is spread by wolves which often roam hundreds of miles.

In addition to CPW, 23 Colorado counties have already officially opposed forced wolf introduction in our state, citing the danger to other wildlife populations, livestock, and the needless risk to humans and pets.

“The forced introduction of non-native gray wolves will be like throwing gas on a campfire.  That’s why professional wildlife managers, hunters, ranchers, anglers, hikers, and campers are joining together to expose the lies and educate Colorado with the real facts about the dangers of forcing wolves on our state’s ever-growing population.  It’s just not fair to the wolf to force them into inevitable conflicts with people when they are already thriving in remote parts of Canada and Alaska,” concluded Behrens.

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By Brian Allmer - The BARN

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