CO Corn: EPA Not Ready to Uphold RFS?

Corn Growers to EPA: Keep RFS Whole, Restore Integrity
The damage to corn grind volumes in the U.S. from Small Refiner Waivers(SREs) has cost the industry. Corn farmers and ethanol producers from across the country testified at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hearing Oct. 30th regarding the agency’s supplemental proposal to the 2020 Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO) rulemaking.
Both industries are continuing to put pressure on the EPA to follow the law and accurately account for expected Small Refinery Waivers (SREs) in the 2020 Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) volume rule.
How did we get here? Last month’s hearing followed the October 4th announcement from President Trump that directed the EPA to follow the law and keep the RFS whole by using the three-year average of renewable fuel gallons actually waived by the EPA to account for waivers going forward. On October 11th, the EPA’s proposed rule based the waivers on the Department of Energy’s (DOE) recommendations, rather than the actual gallons waived by the Agency. EPA has consistently waived nearly twice as much as DOE has recommended.
Now is the time to make your voice heard! Tell the EPA to follow through on on the President’s commitment to farmers and the RFS. Small Refinery Waivers negatively impact corn grind, and undermine the integrity of the Renewable Fuel Standard.
EPA’s comment period closes November 29th!
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By Tucker Allmer - The BARN

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