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BARN Media – Briggsdale, CO – October 22, 2019 Goodwill Industries of Denver and Discover Goodwill of Southern & Western Colorado have finalized a merger between the two organizations. Joining the Colorado Ag News Netowrk to discuss the merger and much more is James Craig, Rural Rehabilitation Specialist with CO AgrAbility…


Check out this video – Colorado AgrAbility helped design and build this UTV loader for Brady Haynes, so he can travel four states to scout fields making it possible to practice agronomy.

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Colorado agriculture is a big, dangerous business. The state has 28,268 farms and it had 78 agricultural fatalities 1997-2000. Colorado has 1,600 injury compensation claims for agricultural-related injuries that result in a loss of over $8 million each year. There are an estimated 6,965-10,882 farmers/ranchers with disabilities.

Agrability Brochure

The Colorado AgrAbility Project

The Colorado AgrAbility Project promotes success in agriculture for people with disabilities or other physical challenges and their families. Colorado AgrAbility is part of a nationwide network of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) programs begun through the 1990 Farm Bill. The goal of the National AgrAbility Project is to inform, educate, and assist farmers, ranchers, farm workers, and their families with disabilities, so they can continue to have successful careers in agriculture. Farming and ranching are physically demanding and hazardous professions. Colorado AgrAbility and modern technology can help men and women with disabilities continue to do what they love–farm and ranch. AgrAbility can help by:

  1. Assessing agricultural work sites and tasks.
  2. Recommending farm equipment adaptation, home modifications, and adaptive equipment.
  3. Referring families to local service providers.
  4. Providing informational and educational winter workshops from CSU Extension for farmers, ranchers and family members with disabilities and the professionals who work with them.

To refer yourself, a family member, or a friend to AgrAbility, call Norm Dalsted (970-491-5627) or email him at

Learn more about Colorado AgrAbility – CSU Extension Website & Goodwill Website

Learn more about Goodwill Industries of Denver and Discover Goodwill of Southern & Western Colorado Merger

By Tucker Allmer - The BARN

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