Colorado Senate Democrats Elect Leadership for the 2019 Legislative Session

The Colorado Senate Democratic Caucus Elects Leroy Garcia as the First Latino President of the Senate

Denver, CO – The Colorado Senate Democrats today elected their leadership for the 2019 legislative session that begins on January 4th.

Senator Dominick Moreno (SD-21) nominated Senator Leroy Garcia (SD-3) – who currently serves as Senate Minority Leader – for the position of President of the Senate stating “Senator Garcia has been a fearless leader for our caucus in the minority and I know he will do an excellent job as our President.” No other candidates were nominated for the position. Senator Garcia accepted the nomination and received unanimous support. Senator Garcia will serve as the first Latino President of the Senate.

“The Senate Presidency is a great responsibility and I am honored by my colleague’s vote of confidence in my ability to lead this caucus,” said Senate President-elect Leroy Garcia. “Our state faces some tough challenges, but I am confident that our caucus, under these dynamic leaders, will represent every Coloradan and find solutions to those challenges that will move every community across Colorado forward.”  

Senator Steve Fenberg (SD-18), nominated by Senator-elect Jessie Danielson (SD-20), will serve as Majority Leader. Upon winning election, Senator Fenberg said, “With a solid majority comes the responsibility to govern. We will be judged not by how many political wins we get, but by how we improve the lives of Coloradans. Thank you to my colleagues for entrusting me with this responsibility.”

The following Senate Democratic Caucus members were also elected to leadership positions:

  • Joint Budget Committee Member: Senator Dominick Moreno (SD-21)
  • Joint Budget Committee Member: Senator Rachel Zenzinger (SD-19)
  • Senate President Pro-Tempore: Senator Lois Court (SD-31)
  • Assistant Majority Leader: Senator Rhonda Fields (SD-29)
  • Caucus Chair: Senator-elect Faith Winter (SD-24)
  • Caucus Whip: Senator Kerry Donovan (SD-5)

On Tuesday, Coloradans voted to give Democrats control of the State Senate with a 19-16 seat advantage over Republicans. With a Democratic governor and democratic majority in both the House and Senate, Democrats will now control all three branches of state government.

The 19 member Senate Democratic Caucus for the 2019 legislative session includes Senators Leroy Garcia, Kerry Donovan, Pete Lee, John Kefalas, Tammy Story, Matt Jones, Stephen Fenberg, Rachel Zenzinger, Jessie Danielson, Dominick Moreno, Brittany Petterson, Faith Winter, Daniel Kagan, Nancy Todd, Rhonda Fields, Lois Court, Robert Rodriquez, Angela Williams, and Julie Gonzales.

About the Colorado Senate Democrats
The Colorado Senate is comprised of 35 Senators, 19 of which will be Democrats in the 2019 Legislative Session.  

By Tucker Allmer - The BARN

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